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What is a Prime Account

Prime Accounts are a recent addition to the gaming industry, having been launched by the business itself. The Prime Account differs from other accounts in that it requires players to connect their phone number to their account. Since a player can only connect one account to one phone number, this is needed. This deters players from creating too many accounts, creating throwaway accounts, and use other accounts while their primary account is cooling down.

A prime account’s distinguishing feature is that players with this account are only paired with other prime account holders. This improves the gaming experience while also keeping players honest. As a result, players are matched with those who share their interests.

CS:GO Prime status accounts are upgraded accounts that provide the user access to exclusive game content such as:
Prime Matches: Fewer cheaters ensure a fair and enjoyable game for everyone!
Prime members only have access to Community repositories!
Access to Majors’ Exclusive Drops!
Non-prime accounts have a much smoother overall experience.

All should play this game because it is fair and enjoyable. Purchase prime accounts right now!

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